India’s Men’s Football Team Climbs to 100th Rank in FIFA World Rankings

India’s men’s national football team has improved its FIFA World Rankings, moving up from 101st to 100th place in recently releases FIFA World Rankings.

  1. The team surpassed Lebanon and New Zealand to achieve this rank.
  2. India is now the 18th-ranked team in Asia and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).
  3. In the month of June, India gained 4.24 ranking points in seven matches.
  4. This advancement in the rankings will have a significant impact on the upcoming 2026 World Cup qualifiers draw.
  5. The switch in positions between India and Lebanon in the AFC standings occurred due to Lebanon’s one-point decrease after their defeat to India in the Intercontinental Cup final.
  6. Argentina remains the top-ranked team in the FIFA World Rankings, followed by France.
  7. The United States of America has climbed two spots, moving from 13th to 11th in the rankings.

Q.: India’s men’s national football team recently moved up in the FIFA World Rankings to which position?
a) 101st
b) 100th
c) 18th
d) 91st

Ans : b) 100th

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