India’s National Climate Research Agenda was released at the International Climate Research Conclave.

  • India’s National Climate Research Program was released on 26 May 2023 at the inauguration of the two-day International Climate Research Meeting (ICRC-2023) at DST’s Centre of Excellence in Climate Studies at IIT Bombay.
  • The program paves the way for the future to coordinate national efforts to understand and address climate change through 2030 and beyond.
  • More than 200 climate scientists, students, experts and policy makers from different parts of the country and around the world are participating in the International Climate Research Conference (ICRC-2023) to discuss India’s recent progress in climate research and plans for 2030.
  • It aims to unveil the National Climate Research Programme, which is an important step in guiding and coordinating national efforts towards understanding climate change and solving its problems.
  • There are also 20 major programs dedicated to climate change research. This extensive network includes a staggering 1,400 institutions where climate change studies and research take place, with a recent expansion of private institutions.

Qns : Where was the International Climate Research Meeting (ICRC-2023) held?

(A) IIT Delhi
(B) IIT Madras
(C) IIT Bombay
(D) IIT Kanpur

Ans : (C) IIT Bombay

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