Israel-Palestine conflict : Israel orders complete siege on Gaza strip

Hamas fighters have killed Israelis, and Israel has responded with a bombing campaign in Gaza, resulting in Palestinian casualties. Israel has also mobilized troops and imposed a blockade on Gaza. The death toll in Gaza has risen to over 1,300, with more than 123,000 people displaced due to the conflict since October 7, 2023.

  • Gaza’s health ministry reported 511 people killed and 2,750 injured from Israeli missile strikes .
  • In Israel, 800 people have been killed, and over 2,200 others have been wounded.
  • The US government confirmed that nine of its citizens were killed in Israel.
  • British media reported that more than 10 British citizens are feared dead or missing as a result of the conflict.
  • At least 10 Nepali nationals were killed in Israel, and four Nepalis were wounded in an attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas.
  • The Israeli military launched an extensive attack on Hamas centers in Gaza.
  • Austria and Germany announced the suspension of aid to Palestine.

Israel-Palestine conflict : History in Brief

The Israel-Palestine conflict is a protracted dispute over land and national identity in the Middle East. It began in the late 19th century, culminated in the creation of Israel in 1948, and continues today, marked by territorial disputes, violence, and competing national aspirations. Key issues include control of Jerusalem, Israeli settlements, and the quest for a two-state solution. International efforts to resolve the conflict have yielded limited success, and it remains a major source of tension in the region.


Q.: What is the historical origin of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

A) A series of recent territorial disputes
B) Colonial actions dating back over a century
C) Religious tensions in the region
D) Economic conflicts in the Middle East

Ans : B) Colonial actions dating back over a century

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