King Charles III to be crowned in traditional ceremony

  • King Charles III will be crowned at Westminster Abbey in a quintessentially British display of pomp and pageantry
  • The coronation will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury on Saturday
  • The coronation will kickstart three days of celebrations across London and the wider UK, culminating in a public holiday on 8th of May
  • The service is largely ceremonial and follows the 74-year-old king’s official accession to the throne on 8th of September last year, the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s death
  • The cost of the coronation is estimated to be between 50 million and 100 million pounds, and many are questioning the validity of the event as the country faces its worst cost-of-living crisis in a generation.

Question: Who will conduct the coronation of King Charles III?
a) The Queen
b) The Archbishop of Canterbury
c) The Prime Minister
d) None of the above
Answer: b) The Archbishop of Canterbury

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