Kolkata Metro conducts successful test run of India’s first-ever underwater metro

  1. Kolkata Metro Railway carried out a successful test run of two six-coach metro trains under Hooghly river’s underwater tunnel, which is the country’s first-ever underwater Metro.
  2. The two six-coach trains underwent a trial run on the 4.8-kilometer stretch between Esplanade and Howrah Maidan as part of the Kolkata East-West Metro Project.
  3. The trial runs in the 4.8 KM underground stretch from Howrah Maidan to Esplanade will be conducted for the next seven months.
  4. Commercial services on this stretch are expected to begin this year only.
  5. Howrah will be the deepest Metro station (33 meters below surface) in the country once this stretch is open.
  6. The Metro is expected to cover the 520 meters stretch under the river Hooghly in 45 seconds.
  7. The tunnel under the river is 32 meters below the water level, the only one of its type in India.

Question: How deep is the Howrah Metro station located under the river Hooghly?
a) 32 meters
b) 45 meters
c) 20 meters
d)100 meters
Answer: a) 32 meters

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