MALABAR 2023 : maritime exercises between the Indian Navy and the US Navy.

Exercise MALABAR 2023 has commenced on 11 August 2023 in Sydney, Australia. Indian Navy’s INS Sahyadri and INS Kolkata are actively participating in the 11-day exercise.

  1. The exercise includes the involvement of ships and aircraft from the US Navy, Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force, and the Royal Australian Navy, in addition to the Indian Navy.
  2. The MALABAR series of maritime exercises originated in 1992 as a bilateral event between the Indian Navy and the US Navy.
  3. Over time, the exercise has grown in prominence and now includes the participation of four significant navies in the Indo-Pacific Region.
  4. The exercise serves as a platform for enhancing and showcasing interoperability among the participating navies.
  5. It also offers the Indian Navy the opportunity to learn and adopt best practices in maritime security operations from its partner nations.

Q.: Which two navies participate in the MALABAR exercises?

a) Indian Navy and Russian Navy
b) Indian Navy and Chinese Navy
c) Indian Navy and US Navy
d) Indian Navy and French Navy

Ans : c) Indian Navy and US Navy

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