Massive wildfire in Greece : EU sends Firefighters

A massive wildfire has been raging in northeastern Greece for over a week. The fire, which started on August 19, has tragically claimed the lives of 20 individuals. The fire has scorched an area of over 810 square kilometers, marking the largest wildfire in the European Union (EU).

  • Despite efforts, the blaze remains uncontrolled within Dadia National Park, an important habitat for birds of prey in the northeast region.
  • Greece has suffered from multiple fires this summer, which the government attributes to the effects of climate change.
  • The European Union has dispatched eleven planes and one helicopter, along with 407 firefighters, to assist Greece in tackling a fire north of Alexandroupoli.

Q.: What makes the recent wildfire in northeastern Greece notable?

a) It has been burning for three days
b) It is the largest wildfire in EU history
c) It has been contained within a city
d) It has affected primarily urban areas

Answer: b) It is the largest wildfire in EU history

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