NASA announces diverse team of astronauts for 10-day human mission around the Moon

  1. NASA has selected a team of four astronauts for a 10-day mission to fly around the Moon next year.
  2. The announcement of the team was made during a live-streamed event in Houston, Texas.
  3. The team includes three American and one Canadian astronaut, with a woman and an African American among them.
  4. Reid Wiseman will be the mission commander, Victor Glover will be the mission pilot, and Christina Koch and Jeremy Hansen will serve as mission specialists.
  5. Christina Koch and Victor Glover will make history as the first woman and first black person to go to the vicinity of the Moon.
  6. Jeremy Hansen will become the first non-American astronaut to fly to the Moon.

Question: Who will be the mission commander for NASA 10- day human mission around the moon ?
a) Victor Glover
b) Christina Koch
c) Reid Wiseman
d) Victor Glover

Answer: c) Reid Wiseman

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