Ningaloo Hybrid Solar Eclipse to Bring ‘Ring of Fire’ Effect on April 20; Best Viewed from Western Australia

  1. The “Ningaloo” hybrid solar eclipse will take place on April 20.
  2. The eclipse will bring both a total eclipse and an annular eclipse, creating a “ring of fire” effect.
  3. The solar eclipse will not be visible from India, but can be best viewed from the western coast of Australia.
  4. The eclipse is named after the Ningaloo coast of Australia.
  5. The eclipse is a “hybrid” eclipse because it will go from an annular eclipse to a total eclipse before going back to an annular eclipse again.

Question: What is the “Ningaloo” hybrid solar eclipse?
a) A partial eclipse
b) A total eclipse
c) Both a total and annular eclipse
d) A lunar eclipse
Answer: c) Both a total and annular eclipse

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