Over two million pilgrims from across the world to perform Haj in Saudi Arabia

Over two million people from around the world, including India, will perform Haj in Saudi Arabia on 27 June 2023.

  • The five-day Haj rituals began with pilgrims gathering at the tent city of Mina on 26 June 2023.
  • The main ritual of Haj is reciting prayers on the plains of Arafat, where the pilgrims spend the day praying and seeking forgiveness from God.
  • The pilgrims will listen to the Khutba-e-Haj or Haj Sermon at Nimra mosque and offer midday and afternoon prayers together before heading to Muzdalifah.
  • The next day, the pilgrims will return to Mina for the ritual of animal sacrifice and symbolic stoning of the devil.
  • More than 175,000 pilgrims from India are participating in the pilgrimage, with a significant number of Indian women performing Haj without a male guardian (Mehram) this year.
  • In 2019, before the pandemic outbreak, approximately 2.5 million pilgrims, including a record number from India, performed Haj.

Question : How many people are expected to perform Haj in Saudi Arabia this year?
a) One million
b) Two million
c) Three million
d) Four million

Answer: b) Two million

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