Rivers in Uttar Pradesh (Full List)

Uttar Pradesh is blessed with high number of rivers that passes its geography as well as those which merge into each other. List of Rivers in Uttar Pradesh with origin, and Joining Information in provided here. In Uttar Pradesh a great deal of spiritual culture is found to be associated to these above mentioned rivers. This rivers not only providing spiritual mindset in people but also provides water and soil in agriculture of the Uttar Pradesh.

List of Rivers in Uttar Pradesh

River NameOriginates FromOriginating StateJoins WithJoining SateLength (km)
GangaGangotri GlacierUttarakhandBay of BengalWest Bengal2,525
YamunaYamunotri GlacierUttarakhandGanga in Prayagraj (Allahabad)Uttar Pradesh1,376
GhagharaNear Mapchachungo GlacierTibetGanga in BiharUttar Pradesh1,080
GomtiGomat TaalPilibhitGanga in VaranasiUttar Pradesh900
BetwaVindhya RangeMadhya PradeshYamuna in HamirpurUttar Pradesh590
ChambalJanapav HillMadhya PradeshYamuna in EtawahUttar Pradesh960
KenNear village AhirgawanMadhya PradeshYamuna in BandaUttar Pradesh427
RaptiSisarma HillNepalGhaghara in Uttar PradeshUttar Pradesh525
ShardaMilam GlacierUttarakhandGhaghara in BahraichUttar Pradesh350
SaryuNear SarmoolTibetGhagharaUttar Pradesh540
SonAmarkantakMadhya PradeshGanga in PatnaBihar784
VarunaNear Bhurh JheelVaranasiGanga in VaranasiUttar Pradesh30
TonsBandarpunch RangeUttarakhandYamuna in YamunanagarHaryana250
DhasanLalitpur HillsMadhya PradeshBetwa in HamirpurUttar Pradesh318
SaiAjgain HillsMadhya PradeshYamuna in EtawahHaryana213
GeruaKannauj district Uttar PradeshGanga in KannaujUttar Pradesh150
KaliPithoragarh districtUttarakhandSharda in BahraichUttar Pradesh350
KuwanaKaterniaghat Wildlife SanctuaryUttar PradeshGhagharaUttar Pradesh130
RihandSonbhadra districtUttar PradeshSon in Sonbhadra districtUttar Pradesh600
Ganga River in Uttar Pradesh

Ganga and Yamuna rivers

Ganga and Yamuna rivers plains are the most fertile soils deltas in the whole regions. Rivers are god and bread weavers for this regions. Ganga and Yamuna both originates from the glaciers in the Uttarakhand. Yamuna merges in Ganga in Prayagraj living behind a beautiful scenery of their different coloured soil and water merging into one. That is also one of the main tourist and holy place in Uttar Pradesh. These different and small rivers are worshiped for providing holy and food bearing water to the residents. All rivers are hold and worshiped to the same extent as like the Ganges in North India. Ganges and other rivers canals have been created all over the region providing the agriculture the sufficient water it needs. Uttar Pradesh has become a food bearing geography by these canals.

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