The International Apparel and Clothing Fair began in Dubai, with 90 Indian participants.

  • The International Apparel and Textile Fair (IATF) returns to Dubai in 2023 for its 15th edition.
  • The fair is recognized as the premier platform for sourcing apparel, fashion fabrics, prints, clothing accessories, home textiles, footwear and more in the UAE.
  • This year’s event will showcase the 2023-2024 Spring Summer collections and Autumn Winter highlights. With over 200 exhibitors from 22 countries, IATF aims to expand with each exhibitor becoming a major influence in the UAE fashion scene.
  • Jointly organized by the Apparel Export Promotion Council of Textiles Ministry, Government of India and Federation of Indian Export Organisations, the India Pavilion has 67 stalls, showcasing a variety of Indian textiles for export. About twenty three companies have also come to showcase their garments.

Where is the International Apparel and Textile Fair (IATF) being organized for its 15th edition?

(A) England
(B) Bangladesh
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) Dubai

Ans : (D) Dubai

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