UGC announced regulations for the establishment and operation of campuses by foreign universities in India

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has introduced regulations for foreign universities to establish and operate campuses in India.

  1. Foreign universities can collaborate to set up campuses in India, but they must individually meet specific eligibility criteria.
  2. Prior approval from the UGC is required for foreign universities planning to start new courses in their Indian campuses.
  3. Foreign universities looking to establish campuses in India must have a global ranking within the top 500.
  4. Foreign universities can establish more than one campus in India, and they must submit separate applications for each.
  5. Campuses of foreign universities in India will have the autonomy to recruit faculty and staff according to their own recruitment norms.
  6. Foreign university campuses in India are not permitted to offer online courses or distance learning programs.

Q.: What do the UGC regulations allow foreign universities to do in India?

A) Collaborate with Indian universities
B) Establish and operate campuses in India
C) Offer online courses and distance learning programs
D) Conduct research in collaboration with Indian institutions

Ans : B) Establish and operate campuses in India

Q.: According to the regulations, what is the minimum global ranking that foreign universities intending to establish campuses in India should have?

A) Within the top 100
B) Within the top 200
C) Within the top 300
D) Within the top 500

Ans : D) Within the top 500

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