Y20 pre-summit will be held in Ladakh under the G20 chairmanship of India.

  • The Y20 pre-summit under India’s G20 chairmanship began on 26 April and will continue till 28 April in Ladakh.
  • It will bring together over 100 delegates from 30 countries to discuss issues related to the youth of the world.
  • The meeting will focus on five Y20 themes, including climate change, peace-building, and health.
  • The event will provide a platform for open discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions to address the challenges faced by young people and formulate a roadmap for their development.
  • Parallel Deliberation and Negotiation sessions on each of the Y20 themes will generate concrete solutions and action plans to address the pressing issues that young people face.
  • The event will also provide opportunities for collaboration and networking with other stakeholders to contribute to the development of young people.

Qns : What are the five themes of the Y20 Pre-Summit?
Y20 प्री-समिट के पांच विषय क्या हैं?

(A) Technology, Business, Sports, Arts, and Culture
(B) Climate Change, Peace-building, Health, Education, and Employment
(C) Politics, Economics, Science, Religion, and Society
(D) Environment, Transportation, Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Tourism

Ans : (B) Climate Change, Peace-building, Health, Education, and Employment

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