Chandrayaan-3 Mission Advances: Lander Separation Marks Key Milestone on Journey to Lunar Surface

ISRO achieved successful separation of Chandrayaan-3’s lander module from the propulsion module on August 17, 2023. The Lander Module, named Vikram, will continue its independent journey to the Moon’s surface.

  • Vikram and the rover Pragyaan are expected to land on the Moon on August 23.
  • The separation of the Lander Module from the Propulsion Module concludes lunar-bound maneuvers for the soft landing.
  • Chandrayaan-3’s primary goals include demonstrating safe and soft landing, rover exploration, and in-situ scientific experiments on the lunar surface.
  • Both the lander and rover are equipped with scientific payloads for these experiments.
  • The Chandrayaan-3 mission successfully completed its fifth and final lunar-bound orbit maneuver.
  • Launched on July 14, Chandrayaan-3 comprises a lander module, propulsion module, and rover.
  • The Propulsion Module will continue its journey to study spectral and polarimetric measurements of Earth from lunar orbit.
  • It carries a SHAPE payload designed to aid future discoveries of habitable or life-supporting planets through reflected light observations.

Q.: What is the name of the Lander Module in the Chandrayaan-3 mission that is expected to land on the Moon’s surface?

a) Luna
b) Explorer
c) Vikram
d) Apollo

Answer: c) Vikram

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