Enhancing Mobile SIM Card Security: Mandatory Biometric Verification and New Measures Introduced by Government

Communication Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw informed on 17 August 2023 that the government has introduced measures to enhance security in the mobile SIM card distribution process.

  • Biometric verification of mobile SIM card dealers will now be mandatory.
  • The bulk connection mechanism for SIM cards will be discontinued.
  • Registration will also be compulsory for all point-of-sale dealers to ensure transparency.
  • These decisions aim to prevent cyber frauds, fraudulent calls, and protect users.
  • The Sanchar Sathi Portal has been instrumental in detecting and deactivating 52 lakh fraudulent connections.
  • Approximately 67 thousand SIM card dealers have been blacklisted due to fraudulent activities.
  • Legal action has been taken, with 300 FIRs lodged, and measures such as blocking 66 thousand WhatsApp accounts and eight lakh payment wallet accounts.
  • In the new initiative, Point of Sale engaging in illegal activities will be terminated and blacklisted for up to 3 years.
  • To prevent misuse of printed Aadhaar, demographic details will be captured by scanning the QR code of printed Aadhaar.

Q.: Which portal has played a crucial role in detecting and deactivating fraudulent connections and blacklisting SIM card dealers?

a) CyberGuard Portal
b) SecureSIM Portal
c) Sanchar Sathi Portal
d) FraudBlock Portal

Answer: c) Sanchar Sathi Portal

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