Ethnic Clash in Manipur : Meitei-Tribal Violence in 2023

  • An ethnic clash erupted on May, 2023, in Manipur, India, between the Meitei people and tribal communities like the Kuki and Zo peoples.
  • The Meitei people have been demanding Scheduled Tribe status, which would grant them privileges similar to tribal communities under the Indian Constitution.
  • The tribal communities opposed this demand, leading to clashes and violence.
  • At least 98 people have been killed, and more than 300 others were injured in the violence.
  • The Indian Army deployed close to 10,000 troops and paramilitary forces to restore law and order.
  • Internet services in the state were suspended for five days, and “shoot on sight” orders were given to the troops in extreme cases.
  • A retired Chief Justice-led panel will investigate the violence, and a peace committee will be established under the Governor and security advisor Kuldeep Singh.
  • The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will probe six cases related to conspiracy in the violence.
  • Manipur is a state in northeast India with the Meitei people dominating the Imphal Valley, while the surrounding hills are inhabited by tribal communities like Kukis and Nagas.
  • The Meitei people have limited settlement rights in the hilly regions, while tribal populations can settle in the valley.
  • The Meiteis hold political power in the Manipur Legislative Assembly, leading to complaints from tribal groups about unequal government spending.
  • The violence in 2023 was triggered by efforts to remove illegal immigrants and the withdrawal of Suspension of Operation agreements with Kuki militant groups.
  • The violence resulted in the deployment of military forces, displacement of thousands of people, and destruction of property.
  • Recurrent violence occurred, with a fresh outbreak on June 14 resulting in multiple deaths and injuries.

Question : What is the primary cause of the conflict in Manipur?
a) Political rivalry
b) Religious differences
c) Ethnic clashes between Meitei and tribal communities
d) Economic disparities

Ans : c) Ethnic clashes between Meitei and tribal communities

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