Sports GK MCQ (English)


#1. Lakshya Sen is associated with which of the following sports ?

#2. With which of the following sports is Ruia Gold Cup associated ?

#3. In cricket which of the following fielding position is behind the batsman ?

#4. Where is the headquarters of International Hockey Federation (FIH) located?

#5. Birdie, eagle and albatross are all terms used in ______.

#6. Qns : With which sport are Vijay Amritraj and Anand Amritraj associated?

#7. Qns : Who among the following became the first ever Indian female wrestler to win an Olympic medal?

#8. In which of the following Olympics was field hockey included as a sport for the first time?

#9. The first edition of the Uber Cup, an international women’s team championship in badminton, was organised in:

#10. When was the first ‘International Day of Yoga’ celebrated in India?

#11. The term ‘_____________’ is an aerial pass on the dribble from the left side of the field in the field hockey.


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