Weekly Current Affairs Quiz : 12 May to 18 May 2024

Weekly Current Affairs MCQs Questions from 12 May to 18 May 2024 for competitive exams.

Weekly Current Affairs MCQs : 12 May to 18 May 2024

Q: Which monsoon normally set in over Kerala towards the end of May / first week of June every year?
A) North-east monsoon
B) South-west monsoon
C) Winter monsoon
D) Summer monsoon

Answer: B) South-west monsoon
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Q: Which director’s film ‘Manthan’ is set to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival on 18 May 2024?
A) Satyajit Ray
B) Shyam Benegal
C) Rajkumar Hirani
D) Mira Nair

Answer: B) Shyam Benegal
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Q: What is the theme of the film ‘Manthan’?
A) Indian independence movement
B) Milk cooperative movement
C) Industrial revolution
D) Space exploration

Answer: B) Milk cooperative movement
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Q: When did Sunil Chhetri announce his retirement from international football?
A) After the 2023 AFC Asian Cup
B) After the match against Kuwait on June 6, 2024
C) After the 2024 FIFA World Cup
D) After the match against Pakistan on June 12, 2023

Ans : B) After the match against Kuwait on June 6, 2024
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Q: What significant milestone does Sunil Chhetri hold in Indian football?
A) Most matches played
B) Youngest debutant
C) Highest goal-scorer
D) Most assists

Ans : C) Highest goal-scorer
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Q: When do we celebrate World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD)?
A) April 17
B) May 17
C) June 17
D) July 17

Answer: B) May 17
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Q: What is the next step for the winners of the IndiaSkills 2024 event?
a) They will receive monetary awards and certificates.
b) They will get the opportunity to study abroad.
c) They will train with top industry trainers to prepare for the WorldSkills Competition in Lyon, France.
d) They will be offered immediate employment in top companies.

Ans : c) They will train with top industry trainers to prepare for the WorldSkills Competition in Lyon, France.
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Q: Who was sworn in as Singapore’s fourth Prime Minister on 15 May 2024?
A) Lee Hsien Loong
B) Lawrence Wong
C) Lee Kuan Yew
D) Halimah Yacob

Ans : B) Lawrence Wong
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Q: Who became the first Indian woman to break into the top 25 of the world Women’s singles table tennis rankings?
A) Suthirtha Mukherjee
B) Mouma Das
C) Manika Batra
D) Ankita Das

Ans : C) Manika Batra
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Q: Where does the Cannes Film Festival take place annually?
a) Paris
b) Cannes
c) London
d) New York

Ans : b) Cannes
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Q: Which day is proclaimed as World Football Day by the United Nations General Assembly?
a) 24th May
b) 25th May
c) 26th May
d) 27th May

Ans : b) 25th May
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Q: In which city were the 1924 Summer Olympic Games held, where the first international football tournament with representation from all regions took place?
a) Berlin
b) Tokyo
c) Paris
d) London

Ans : c) Paris
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Q: Which organization included the Ramcharitmanas, Panchatantra, and Sahṛdayāloka-Locana in its Memory of the World Asia-Pacific Regional Register?
c) WHO
d) World Bank

Ans : b) UNESCO
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Q: Who authored the Ramcharitmanas?
a) Acharya Anandvardhan
b) Goswami Tulsidas
c) Pandit Vishnu Sharma
d) Ramesh Chandra Gaur

Ans : b) Goswami Tulsidas
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Q: In the 7th edition of the Joint Military Exercise “Shakti” from May 13 to May 26 at Umroi, Meghalaya, which country’s contingent participates alongside the Indian Army?
a) Russia
b) France
c) United States
d) United Kingdom

Ans : b) France
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Q: Which of the following states had completed polling for its State Legislative Assembly along with the Lok Sabha election by phase 4?
a) Gujarat
b) Karnataka
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Tamil Nadu

Ans : c) Andhra Pradesh
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Q: India and Iran signed a long-term contract for operating which port?
a) Chittagong Port
b) Shahid Beheshti Port in Chabahar
c) Port of Colombo
d) Port of Karachi

Ans : b) Shahid Beheshti Port in Chabahar
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Q: What new trade route will be opened up by the agreement between India and Iran regarding the Chabahar port?
a) Between India and China
b) Between South Asia and Central Asia via Iran
c) Between India and Japan
d) Between South Asia and Europe via Iran

Ans : b) Between South Asia and Central Asia via Iran
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Q: Who is the first Indian male wrestler to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics?
a) KD Jadhav
b) Aman Sehrawat
c) Sushil Kumar
d) Yogeshwar Dutt

Ans : b) Aman Sehrawat
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Q: In which category did Aman Sehrawat secure a Paris quota for the Olympics?
a) Men’s 65kg freestyle
b) Men’s 57kg freestyle
c) Men’s 74kg freestyle
d) Men’s 86kg freestyle

Ans: b) Men’s 57kg freestyle
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Q: What caused the powerful solar storm that hit Earth on May 10, 2024?
a) Solar flares
b) Coronal mass ejections (CMEs)
c) Lunar eclipse
d) Solar eclipse

Ans : b) Coronal mass ejections (CMEs)
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Q:What is the approximate frequency of the solar activity cycle mentioned in the passage?
a) 7 years
b) 11 years
c) 50 years
d) 100 years

Ans : b) 11 years
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Q: Who won the World Rapid and Blitz Poland chess tournament in May 2024?
a) Wei Yi
b) Arjun Erigaisi
c) R Praggnanandhaa
d) Magnus Carlsen

Correct Answer: d) Magnus Carlsen
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Q: Which Indian Chess Player defeated world number one Magnus Carlsen in the Superbet rapid and blitz chess tournament in May 2024?
a) Vishwanath Anand
b) R Praggnanandhaa
c) Arjun Erigaisi
d) D. Gukesh.

Ans : b) R Praggnanandhaa
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Q: Mother’s Day is celebrated ?
A) First Sunday in May
B) Second Sunday in May
C) Third Sunday in May
D) Fourth Sunday in May

Answer: B) Second Sunday in May
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