Winter Session of Parliament is scheduled to begin on the 4th December 2023

The Winter Session of Parliament is scheduled to begin on the 4th December 2023. The session will last until December 22nd and will consist of 15 sittings. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi shared this information through a social media post.

A Special Session of Parliament was held in September in which the historic Women’s Reservation Bill was passed.

Sessions of Indian Parliament

The Indian Parliament operates in sessions, with each year typically divided into three sessions: the Budget Session, the Monsoon Session, and the Winter Session. Each session has a specific purpose and duration, and it plays a crucial role in the legislative process and the functioning of the government. Here are key points about the sessions of the Indian Parliament:

  1. Budget Session:
    • The Budget Session is the most significant session of the Indian Parliament.
    • It usually begins in late January or early February and lasts until May.
    • The Union Budget is presented during this session, outlining the government’s financial plans for the upcoming fiscal year.
    • The session is divided into two parts, with a recess in between to allow parliamentary committees to examine budgetary proposals.
  2. Monsoon Session:
    • The Monsoon Session generally commences in July and concludes in August.
    • Its primary purpose is to consider and pass important bills and legislation.
    • The session gets its name from the timing, coinciding with the monsoon season in India.
  3. Winter Session:
    • The Winter Session usually begins in November and extends until December.
    • It focuses on considering and passing pending bills and other legislative business.
    • The session provides an opportunity for Members of Parliament to discuss and deliberate on various issues.
  4. Special Sessions:
    • In addition to the regular sessions, special sessions can be convened to address specific and urgent matters.
    • The President of India can summon a special session at the request of the Prime Minister or upon the recommendation of the Cabinet.

Q.: During which session is the Union Budget presented in the Indian Parliament?

  • A. Monsoon Session
  • B. Winter Session
  • C. Budget Session
  • D. Special Session

Ans : C. Budget Session

Q.: What is the focus of the Winter Session of the Indian Parliament?

  • A. Presentation of the Union Budget
  • B. Consideration and passage of pending bills
  • C. Legislative scrutiny of budgetary proposals
  • D. Recess for parliamentary committees

Ans : B. Consideration and passage of pending bills

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